From Experienced Writers to Best-Selling Authors, PEN LEGACY® offer services that will:

  • Help writers create, publish, and distribute timely and relatable stories;

  • Increase publication media exposure;

  • Guarantee a stress-free publishing experience with your own personal team;

  • Offer you 100% of your royalties; and

  • Generate a new income stream, adding value to your already extraordinary lifestyle. 

Founded in 2008, Charron Monaye launched PEN LEGACY®, a literary conglomerate dedicated to helping aspiring writers share their stories by providing a platform to elevate their unique voices. Since it’s inception, Pen Legacy has evolved to include a publishing, scriptwriting, and ghostwriting division. 

When you work with Pen Legacy®, you are not just creating a quality and profitable product, you are gaining a network of individuals to collaborate with, learn from, and celebrate together.  So, if you are looking for publishing, ghostwriting, or writing services, look no further…..

Pen Legacy Is Ready To Monetize Your Pen!!!

Pen Legacy's Mission

A Family Environment with Industry Results!!!

Pen Legacy’s mission is to foster a genuine appreciation for readers by partnering with writers to help create stories and communicate results that educate, entertain, and inspire, individuals everywhere.

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