From Carefree to Caregiver!
From Carefree to Caregiver!

By Teraleen Campbell   Many of us were settled into our respective life’s daily routines when the health of a loved one declined. Suddenly the responsibilities being their primary caregiver became a reality. Being a caregiver is not limited to … Read More

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How I Survived Without Chemo Therapy: One Woman’s Story From Diagnosed To Thriving
How I Survived Without Chemo Therapy: One Woman’s Story From Diagnosed To Thriving

By Sabrina Moore


Sabrina Moore can’t explain how she went from knocking on death’s door to fighting cancer with no chemo, but she can tell you how she’s kept cancer from stifling her life and stealing her joy.

Sabrina fully understands the ups and downs of breast cancer journey and the unexpected ways the disease impacts your life. Her memoir, therefore, is both a motivational story and an invaluable guide. She offers tips on how to be your own best advocate during diagnosis and treatment, embrace humor as a coping tool, and handle body-image issues after a mastectomy.

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Stop Being A Doormat & Start Being A Boss
Stop Being A Doormat & Start Being A Boss

By Toni Moore   In Stop Being A Doormat & Start Being A Boss, Toni Moore is an aspiring attorney who wants to live, love and be accepted by those she looks up to. After Toni learns that one of … Read More

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Get Out Of Your Own Way: Overcoming Adversity to Live In Your Truth Out Loud
Get Out Of Your Own Way: Overcoming Adversity to Live In Your Truth Out Loud

Compiled By: Charron Monaye

Get Out Of Your Own Way: Overcoming Adversity to Live In Your Truth Out Loud is a collection of personal short stories from C.E.O.’s and Entrepreneurs who have learned the valuable lesson of focusing on Faith, instead of Fear!

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I Want To Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies For Massive Results While Employed
I Want To Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies For Massive Results While Employed

In a society where entrepreneurism is celebrated and promoted, everyone has become eager to quit Corporate America in order to pursue their dreams full time. While commendable, it has resulted in the downfall and bankruptcy of many individuals. Resigning without a plan, a vision, a legitimate business, or proper knowledge have caused many individuals to return to employment within three to six months. What if I told you that I have eight strategies that will help you create, build, and maintain your business while still employed so you don’t have to worry about looking back once you resign?

Take Charron Monaye, the founder of Pen Legacy, LLC and an award-winning playwright and author. Since 2010, Charron Monaye has authored eight books, co-authored two books, employed to adapt novels and life stories into theatrical scripts, published eight individuals, and pen/produced two theatrical productions. She has accomplished all of this while employed.

Now an entrepreneur coach, Charron Monaye shares the lessons that have helped her build her successful career, along with all of the failures, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way. The freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle may look appealing, but the road to quitting your job and pursing it full time requires preparation and purpose. In I Want to Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Massive Results While Employed, she offers eight strategies to help any visionary, employee, and dreamer prepare, plan, and execute their goals of being a full-time entrepreneur:

  • Identify The Purpose
  • Business Set-Up 101
  • Remaining Committed to the Goal.
  • Your Job is your First Investor.
  • Balancing Time and Family with No Time Left In A Day
  • Self-Care Is Necessary
  • How Bad Do You Really Want It?
  • Financial Responsibility is Key


This book features entrepreneurial conversations with: Life Coach & Trainer Nesi Ewing * Network Marketing & Direct Sales Guru, Na’Kesha Johnson * Professional Mental Health Counselor & Business Consultant Annette Morris * Education Consultant Nikia Hannon * Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Vanessa Mbamarah  and Financial Coach & Accountant Khristina Barnes


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Secure Your Legacy Journal
Secure Your Legacy Journal

This Inspirational & Coaching Journal was created for your breakthrough. With the New Year approaching, my goal is to help everyone achieve their resolutions and goals for the infinite year of 2018. If you understand numerology, you know that the Angel Number 8 tells you to step into your personal power and have faith and trust in your own abilities, skills and talents, and to use them to their highest potential. It also brings a message that financial abundance is on its way to you as you have worked diligently and intelligently towards achieving your goals and aspirations, and your just rewards will be yours.

With this journal, I will coach you through your setbacks, challenges, and frustrations, while making you think, reflect and desire more so that you can transition from saying, “I Want” to “I Am”. By saying I Am, you are declaring to the universe what is going to happen, and that provides a platform for you achieve. This is the only way you will receive the freedom you seek and the future you envision now!

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Maximizing Your Tax Refund Made Easy!
Maximizing Your Tax Refund Made Easy!

Personal taxes are not taught in school – and the process of learning how to manage your own finances can be fraught with painful missteps. Maximizing Your Tax Refund Made Easy, helps walk you through everything you need to learn to manage your tax refunds including the best ways to prepare a basic tax return, gain financial freedom, and debt elimination.
In this guide you will also learn how to save, budget, and ideas for investing. Maximizing Your Tax Refund Made Easy is not your average personal finance and tax book. Specifically written by an Accountant and for Millennials, Entrepreneurs, and Middle Class Individuals, it will help you:

  • Understand and implement a financial plan (a.k.a. a budget!)
  • Generate and maintain an emergency fund
  • Learn how to save money
  • Take control of your credit score
  • Become debt-free

Learn from a personal finance expert – not the hard way!

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Bruised, Broken, and Blessed
Bruised, Broken, and Blessed

Bruised, Broken, and Blessed: Life Changing Stories That Will Ignite Hope, Elevate Personal Growth, and Confirm Your Greatness is a collection of short stories from storytellers, entrepreneurs, and life coaches bonding together to transport individuals from a place of brokenness to blessed.
This book contains stories written by a dynamic and diverse group of women, men, survivors, veterans, and actors. These stories represent the journey of women and men who have experienced life’s failures, disappointments, and losses, but had the resiliency to continue pressing forward towards their breakthrough. Life requires you to not only elevate your mindset, but to grow through, fail forward, and take that mighty leap of faith even when the pain is unbearable. Always remember that in life, you will face some experiences that will break and bruise you, but never stop realizing that your blessings are on the other side of the storm!

Co-Authors include: Sang Thi Duong, Jasmine York Ball, Michael Simmons, Briana McKnight, Ontaria Kim Wilson, Dennis LA White, Summer Fitch, Anissa Zabriskie, Kenneth R. Nelson Jr., Roberta A. Albany, Latisha Stephens, Carnell Poteat, and Tyressa Ty


Available March 7, 2018

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Boss Moves Start With You: 2018 Self-Reflection Journal & Vision Planner
Boss Moves Start With You: 2018 Self-Reflection Journal & Vision Planner

In a world that is so fast-paced and falsely advertised, people tend to live their lives based on perception versus perspective. Instead of becoming clear on their own personal goals, dreams, and visions, they mimic what they see and pray for the same results.

“Boss Moves Start With You: 2018 Self-Reflection Journal & Vision Planner” is about RECLAIMING your SOUL and SELF-REFLECTING on what’s important for you. No one has ever become successful or goal-filled by mirroring someone else’s journey; they met their Win by traveling on the path ordained for them. This book is geared to helping people “Write The Vision, Make It Plan”, by giving them the tools and inspiration to find their true-intended purpose, while providing clear directives to attain positive results.

Bosses intentionally plan and prepare for prosperity, what makes you any different? Plan Like A Boss & Live Fearlessly!


  • 12 Months: January 01-December 31st
  • Weekly/monthly/yearly goal write-ins
  • Journaling Prompts
  • 4 Quarter Self-Reflections
  • Financial Resources
  • Motivational/Inspirational Quotes
  • and more

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Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith

Leonard Smith is the product of a broken home. The streets of Oakland, California raised him during the turbulent time of the 1980’s and created his belief system. The same streets that taught Leonard many lessons were both a gift and a curse. His name is well known on the streets and in the various Juvenile Detention Centers throughout the city of Oakland. Leonard has to constantly navigate between his feelings and his method of survival. The story of Leonard Smith is a cautionary tale of tragedy and triumph. Leonard’s life embodies what many youth face every day on the streets of every major city in America.

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Respect Your Choices: Finding Balance in Success
Respect Your Choices: Finding Balance in Success

Twenty years ago, Vaughn J. McNeill, was a man struggling with his identity as a bi-racial man, being adopted, divorced, bankrupt, and homelessness. Determined to break out of a defeatist mindset and chasing dead-end dreams that were holding him back from success, Vaughn victoriously changed his life. Today, he lives the life of powerful choices.

In his book, Respect Your Choices: Finding Balance in Success, Vaughn shares his methods to creating a life that is rich in every way possible. Focusing on the three areas of life that must be refined to bring about positive outcomes – Purpose, Respect, and Choices, he identifies the framework upon which a fulfilled existence is built. Respect Your Choices offers thought provoking lessons, actionable plans, and personal experiences, and then makes clear that respecting your choices will help you find balance between your outlook and outcome.

If you change your perception, you change your outlook and once you change your outlook you change your outcome. Your outcome can be either positive or negative, as it’s relative to you!

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The Black Blood In My Heart tells the story of a young woman’s experience and escape from domestic violence. Through her ordeal, she had to learn how to escape from her abuser, reclaim her dignity, reconstruct her life, and rediscover her peace. Domestic violence doesn’t just happen “out there” somewhere. It happens in every state, city, and town.

In this “real-life” story, La’Mena Marie shares her personal accounts of being battered, raped and humiliated at the hands of her husband. When we take the vows of marriage, never do we expect for the phrase “Til death do us part” to be a literal action that our spouse attempts to make a reality. But when La’Mena said, “enough was enough” her attorney told her to write down the particular events to build a defense case in court to help her break free.

What was supposed to be a timeline of events to build a case against her ex-husband became a window into this woman’s story, this Diary! Every woman who has left an abusive man—every woman who has yet to leave—will find encouragement and hope from the voice of La’Mena Marie, a woman who broke free.

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