Pen Legacy Publishing, established in 2015 has become one of the most respected independent publishers amongst authors and readers. We pride ourselves on being the home for first-time writers and aspiring authors, as well as seasoned writers. Pen Legacy offers a variety of literature including, Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Inspirational/Self-Help, Autobiographies, Compilations and a host of other Fiction categories.

CEO Charron Monaye, launched the company with the release of her self-published title, “Love The Real You”, and from there she has continued to add first-time and best-selling authors onto her label. Currently, Pen Legacy has published and assisted some amazing writers, including Neo-Sou Singer/Songwriter Jaguar Wright and Writer/Motivational Speaker Nomvula Rakolote from Gauteng Province, Africa.

Are you interested in joining this list of Best Selling Authors? Join our Annual Writing to Published Program. The Pen Legacy “Vision to Published” Program is a 6-month individualized program designed to support writers through all stages of the writing and publishing process. During this program, aspiring writers/authors will be instructed on the writing process, coached through the writing process, educated on the publishing process and ultimately become a Published Author.

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List of Pen Legacy Titles and Authors 
Let Me Tell You Like I Told Myself: Love’s Truth Never Changes by: Summer Willow Fitch
The Black Blood In My Heart by: La’Mena Marie
Respect Your Choices: Finding Balance In Success by: Vaughn J. McNeill
Leonard Smith by: AJ Harrison
The Shadow In My Eyes by: Deborah Rose & Charron Monaye
The WoodShed by: Jaguar Wright & Charron Monaye
The Boss Book by: Briana McKnight
Love The Real You by: Charron Monaye
Stop Asking For Permission & Give Notice by: Charron Monaye
My Side of the Story by: Charron Monaye
Loving Laughing and Loving My Way Through by: Charron Monaye
Praise God! I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Though: 20 Stories of Resilience, Survival, and Faith Compiled by: Deborah Rose
Bruised, Broken & Blessed: Life Changing Stories That Will Ignite Hope, Elevate Personal Growth, & Confirm Your Greatness Compiled by: Charron Monaye & Shontaye Hawkins, MBA