Son, You Matter
Son, You Matter

By Derrick Washington


Meet 7 year old Ahmad. A boy who idealizes his father and loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It’s a special day for him because after school, Ahmad is going for his favorite ice cream with his favorite person. What seems like a normal day changes quickly into one that transforms the way Ahmad views his father, ice cream, and life all in one moment.

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John’s Journey to Outer Space
John’s Journey to Outer Space

By John Xavier

Astronauts and space are perennial kid-favorites. John’s Journey to Outer Space offers an exciting look into the imagination of a young, African-American boy who experiences many extraordinary galactic adventures in outer space. Written in an accessible and fun style, this informative text is perfectly complemented by visually stunning, large-sized, full-color illustrations.

This is the perfect book to encourage children aged three and over to engage in S.T.E.M by using their imagination, thinking creatively and learning about basic cosmic terminology.

  • Supports Learning:
  • Promotes problem-solving
  • Encourages focus
  • Supports early learning of outer space terminology
  • Inspires creativity and imagination with lively illustrations
  • Empowers children with a ‘Can Do’ mindset
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