Section 8 to C.E.O
Section 8 to C.E.O

By Kinyatta Gray

From Section to C.E.O” is an epic and triumphant tale of courage, grit, and resilience about how a woman managed to navigate her most vulnerable times.

With nothing more but the desire to attain the “American Dream”, this story follows Heaven, an intelligent, driven and determined young woman who is more than capable of achieving everything she wants but is plagued by one fatal flaw; the will to take shortcuts on her road to success.

Heaven’s dream seemed to have found its form when she becomes pregnant and has a child for her white, high school sweetheart (the heir to a multi million-dollar family fortune), and with it came the feeling that her dreams and perfect life would be all but secured.

Unfortunately, her nightmares were just about to begin.

Knowledge of her African-American ethnicity causes Heaven not only to lose her dream life but causes her man’s family to disown him, thereby throwing a wrench in her already scripted, shortcut means to achieve all she ever dreamed about.

Doused in failure, lack, stagnation, and suffering beyond anything she had ever imagined, Heaven finds herself seeking a way out of it all… a way to bring her pain to an end…

Scripted with courage, grace and rare insight, bestselling author “Kinyatta E. Gray” captures the epic panorama of a woman’s worth, with her main intent being the desire to tell the heartbreaking story of a beautiful and resilient mother’s spirit, in relation to women in general all around the world.

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Divine Connections: Experiencing the Joy of God’s Divine Order
Divine Connections: Experiencing the Joy of God’s Divine Order

By: Barbara Allen


Some individuals are convinced that God does not exist. However, throughout my life I have felt the hand of God consistently directing, comforting, and loving me. I have also discovered that there are many other individuals who have experienced the Divine Connection of God in their lives; those links, relationships or circumstances that remind us that God is in control and He knows the plans for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

It is our expectation that Divine Connections will ignite the reader’s spirit and give hope and confidence in knowing that with God, all things are possible. We believe every reader will walk away encouraged by staying in faith, never giving up, and knowing that God is with them through His Divine Connections.

These stories were written with sincere passion and transparency. Each story will grip your heart as if you were there fighting for each author’s success over their many obstacles. As you take this journey, reflect on the divine connections that have occurred in your life and their tremendous impact.

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Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society
Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society

By Kinyatta Gray


How many times have you felt invisible in a room full of people? How many masks have you worn to hide your true identity? How many heterosexual relationships did you engage in pretending to be in love? What was your biggest fear when finally letting your family and friends know, you are a beautiful feminine lesbian?

Passing As “Straight: Beautiful Women Whose True Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society, compiled by Author Kinyatta Gray, brings to life a book that takes a deep look into the individual, personal and complex stories of lesbians whose true sexuality went undetected to prevent labeling, judgment, or even death. Six courageous women will share real life situations where they had to make the dreadful decision of hiding their sexual identify to find acceptance, respect, and love from those who truly matter.

This book is not meant to define who’s right or wrong, but rather examine this very real issue and the choices that lesbian women must make about love! Our intention is to provide a heartfelt resource for women who wake up daily having to navigate through a society pretending and hiding who they really are. You are not alone! We all have been there! But, as you read through these pages, you will find the comfort and strength to know exactly how to live unapologetically and uniquely who you are.

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John’s Journey to Outer Space
John’s Journey to Outer Space

By John Xavier

Astronauts and space are perennial kid-favorites. John’s Journey to Outer Space offers an exciting look into the imagination of a young, African-American boy who experiences many extraordinary galactic adventures in outer space. Written in an accessible and fun style, this informative text is perfectly complemented by visually stunning, large-sized, full-color illustrations.

This is the perfect book to encourage children aged three and over to engage in S.T.E.M by using their imagination, thinking creatively and learning about basic cosmic terminology.

  • Supports Learning:
  • Promotes problem-solving
  • Encourages focus
  • Supports early learning of outer space terminology
  • Inspires creativity and imagination with lively illustrations
  • Empowers children with a ‘Can Do’ mindset
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Bad Bitches and Power Pitches: For Women Entrepreneurs and Speakers Only
Bad Bitches and Power Pitches: For Women Entrepreneurs and Speakers Only

By Precious Williams

Warning! What you’re about to read is a step-by-step guide to winning at the game of life. The stakes are high. So, read this only if you dare. Have you ever wondered what some women entrepreneurs and speakers do to stand out and have prospects, the media, and investors seeking them out? What’s their secret sauce? How did they transcend from being average to becoming extraordinary?

My dear, they are bad bitches with power pitches! A serial entrepreneur, international professional speaker, and 13-time elevator pitch champion, #KillerPitchMaster Precious Williams shows you how–despite growing up in poverty–she took the business, television, and media worlds by storm through the power of being a bad bitch. In her greatness, you will see yourself and learn how to unleash your bad bitch. She also shares the seven types of specific-branding bad bitches. Through Precious’s experiences, she will help you discover–or resurrect–the bad bitch inside of you.

Bad Bitches with Power Pitches provides the tools of success that will have prospects seeking you out, event planners booking you for speaking engagements, and the media clamoring to get the inside scoop on you. Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, this no-holds-barred, no-nonsense book will show you how to utilize your bad-bitch mentality to achieve your dreams. Dare greatly!

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30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child
30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child

By Kinyatta Gray

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we will ever have to face. But, imagine being the only child of an adopted mother and with no biological family to lean on when God calls her home. October 21, 2018 – the day Kinyatta’s life as she once knew it would forever be changed, leaving her to embrace a new perspective on earth, alone.

In this memoir, 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child, Kinyatta reflects on a 30-day period that changed the course of her life. She’ll uncover some of her deepest pain, greatest joys, unspeakable trauma, and how she allowed love to heal. Kinyatta’s honesty is brutal, but her truth is the only vessel that gives her hope to continue living the life that memorializes her mother’s legacy.

Whether you’ve lost a spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative, or friend, Kinyatta desires to meet you in your grief and walk with you there. This amazing read composed of brief chapters is designed to be digested one chapter per day, giving you bite-sized bits of comfort, encouragement, and healing over some time. You do not have to read it this way, of course. Read in the way that is most natural and helpful for you. Everyone grieves differently, but the one thing that is the same is that we all grieve after losing someone we love.

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3,655 Miles To Kismet
3,655 Miles To Kismet

By: Parenthysis E. Gardner

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Saisha embarks on a journey that may ultimately save her life. Will she chose to live with the ones she loves or die with the ones she lost?

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Santify Your Money: The 11th Commandment
Santify Your Money: The 11th Commandment

By Toni Moore


The Bible contains roughly 500 scriptures on prayer and faith, but well over 2,000 verses pertain to money. Approximately 40% of Jesus’ parables deal with money. However, churches engrain it in your mind and spirit that, “Money is the root of all evil.”

Broke people will never inherit the wealth of the wicked that is laid up for the righteous. When exposed to harmful teachings in the church about money, prosperity, and abundance, you will remain broke, busted, and disgusted about what God hasn’t done or seemingly won’t do for you, through you, and by you. Saints, it’s time to stop dying as paupers because of the knowledge we lack concerning money.

In Sanctify Your Money, author, speaker, attorney, and money coach Toni Moore will address the root to most of our thinking about money. Sanctify Your Money touches on why Christians need to bless their money. She lays out the money sanctification process that will ensure financial strongholds and the principalities that are keeping you from manifesting, building, and protecting generational wealth. Following the teachings of Toni Moore will allow you to not only prosper, but to live more abundantly.

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Beautiful Toxicity
Beautiful Toxicity

Free Smith, a freelance writer from the United States, traveled to Abu Khali-the pink diamond of the Middle East- to visit her Husband who is an entertainment contractor. While there she meets a group of women from different walks of life and their relationships turn into divine connections filled with moments of unmasking deeply rooted wounds that have tormented them for years. They expose their beauty and toxicity at the same time, but through transparency, trust, and love they realize that their sisterhood is the conduit to their healing.

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Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood: A Single Mom’s guide to Power, Resilience, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood: A Single Mom’s guide to Power, Resilience, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Master Certified Single Mother Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Single Mother Academy Founder, Sang Thi Duong, has been advocating for Single Mothers for the past 20+ years, and what began as a personal journey has since grown into a movement with thousands of Single Mothers worldwide.

In her book, Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood: A Single mom’s guide to power, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness, she discusses what no one really wants to talk about – real life as a Single Mother and redefining Single Motherhood on their own terms through resilience, power, and pleasure. This triple threat combo is the part of Single Motherhood that women have been taught to push aside, ignore, and succumb to societal standards. Sadly, “Single Mother” carries a negative connotation anywhere and it’s time to change the trajectory into a powerful uprising of Single Mothers.

Readers will learn the secret ingredients many Single Mother is missing; how to crack the Single Mother stigma; why being a Single Mother is not a death warrant; what a Single Mother can dare, dream, and achieve —and how they can live their best lives, raise phenomenal children and much more.

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Confidence Unlocked
Confidence Unlocked

“Confidence Unlocked” is based on a true story that goes into ones life’s journey to finding and fulfilling purpose.

This nonfiction shares her testimonies of surviving a domestic violent relationship, lack of but wanting daddy’s girl relationship, seeking love in the wrong places, attempting to turn to man for self-healing, depression, battling insecurities, becoming the abuser, failed engagement, single parenting, being hurt by the church, backsliding, losing her faith and self-identity. The story begins by not embracing self-love. Falling for a male that she believed to be the one. The beginning was beautiful, a love that she’s never experienced nor wanted to let it go. As time progressed
she began to accept verbal, physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Since then, turning to man for self-healing. Failed relationship after relationship, struggling with insecurities, blaming self not knowing self-worth, and lack of confidence. Battling with stress and depression began addictions, developing medical conditions. She began to turn her back on God, not understanding purpose through her pain, until she’s had enough of a dark shallow life.

Fearing the judgement of others she kept so much bottled in, carrying adequate amount of hurt. She embraced the chapters of her life being able to grow and learn from her relentless mistakes. The pain she wore began to turn and show her glow of healing letting that hurt go. This is her journey through truth, change, freedom, testimony, this is her “Confidence Unlocked”.

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Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility
Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility

Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility, author, wellness coach and positive motivation trainer Tinesha Boswell, provides a powerful spiritual guide—proven to improve your mindset and reduce stress levels caused by life, poor lifestyle, and missing peace.

As a Mom and woman with diabetes, Tinesha knew that she had to find a way to maintain a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. Over the years, she developed a daily routine around her core values to help her be mindful, choose healthy habits and build her core strength from the inside out.

In this book, Tinesha’s “Completion Strategy” will help you:
•Replace negative self-talk with meaningful content
•Set intentions to focus on the areas of your life that require nurturing
•Take simple steps each day to maintain health and wellness
•Find the courage to remove destructive habits

By developing a positive mindset that focuses on Mind, Body, and Tranquility, you will be empowered to make personal declarations that reflect your new life. You will be inspired to take actionable steps and celebrate your wins. Tinesha’s guide is an excellent tool to help you refocus your energy, causing you to change your attitude and altitude for years to come.

“Don’t curse your past, don’t nurse your past, don’t live in the past, don’t rehearse your past, but in all things allow God to reverse your past.”

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