Confidence Unlocked
Confidence Unlocked

“Confidence Unlocked” is based on a true story that goes into ones life’s journey to finding and fulfilling purpose.

This nonfiction shares her testimonies of surviving a domestic violent relationship, lack of but wanting daddy’s girl relationship, seeking love in the wrong places, attempting to turn to man for self-healing, depression, battling insecurities, becoming the abuser, failed engagement, single parenting, being hurt by the church, backsliding, losing her faith and self-identity. The story begins by not embracing self-love. Falling for a male that she believed to be the one. The beginning was beautiful, a love that she’s never experienced nor wanted to let it go. As time progressed
she began to accept verbal, physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Since then, turning to man for self-healing. Failed relationship after relationship, struggling with insecurities, blaming self not knowing self-worth, and lack of confidence. Battling with stress and depression began addictions, developing medical conditions. She began to turn her back on God, not understanding purpose through her pain, until she’s had enough of a dark shallow life.

Fearing the judgement of others she kept so much bottled in, carrying adequate amount of hurt. She embraced the chapters of her life being able to grow and learn from her relentless mistakes. The pain she wore began to turn and show her glow of healing letting that hurt go. This is her journey through truth, change, freedom, testimony, this is her “Confidence Unlocked”.

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Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility
Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility

Don’t Give Up Too Soon: 10 Ways to Help You ReSET Your Energy, Mindset, Wellness & Tranquility, author, wellness coach and positive motivation trainer Tinesha Boswell, provides a powerful spiritual guide—proven to improve your mindset and reduce stress levels caused by life, poor lifestyle, and missing peace.

As a Mom and woman with diabetes, Tinesha knew that she had to find a way to maintain a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. Over the years, she developed a daily routine around her core values to help her be mindful, choose healthy habits and build her core strength from the inside out.

In this book, Tinesha’s “Completion Strategy” will help you:
•Replace negative self-talk with meaningful content
•Set intentions to focus on the areas of your life that require nurturing
•Take simple steps each day to maintain health and wellness
•Find the courage to remove destructive habits

By developing a positive mindset that focuses on Mind, Body, and Tranquility, you will be empowered to make personal declarations that reflect your new life. You will be inspired to take actionable steps and celebrate your wins. Tinesha’s guide is an excellent tool to help you refocus your energy, causing you to change your attitude and altitude for years to come.

“Don’t curse your past, don’t nurse your past, don’t live in the past, don’t rehearse your past, but in all things allow God to reverse your past.”

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Get Out of Your Own Way
Get Out of Your Own Way

After the success of the book Get Out of Your Own Way, Vol. 1 and its hit stage play, Charron Monaye comes back with a cutting-edge sequel.

Get Out of Your Own Way 11 Life-Changing Stories on How to Face Everything & Rise! is brutally honest and pulls no punches in getting to the root of why we let life get in the way of our dreams. Charron Monaye along with eleven others weave through their journey of letting go and overcoming the pitfalls and valleys that we sometimes find ourselves in during life. They remind us, so eloquently, that a dream is nothing without action, and hope is nothing without prayer. Join these twelve gifted authors as they write about the heartbreak of failure and what it’s like to triumphant over life’s many adversities. They will inspire and encourage you to find the best version of yourself and forget the notion that you’re only as good as your present circumstances. If you’re ready to take the first step towards finding your own greatness, then you can’t afford to miss this great read!

Congratulations to: Chris Hopson, Parenthysis E. Gardner, Tyrone Brown, LaKeya Guy, Teddy Pendergrass II, Charron Monaye, Sidney Ginyard, Tyrone DuBose, Lisa Dove Washington, Brett Lillard, Nichole Sherri.. they are officially out of their own way

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MisLeading Lady
MisLeading Lady

There’s a lot of drama within the walls of some churches Pastor James Miller recently became the pastor of a small, but quickly growing church in Los Angeles. He and his wife, Lady Vivica, have been happily married for almost … Read More

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From Carefree to Caregiver!
From Carefree to Caregiver!

By Teraleen Campbell   Many of us were settled into our respective life’s daily routines when the health of a loved one declined. Suddenly the responsibilities being their primary caregiver became a reality. Being a caregiver is not limited to … Read More

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