Exuberant Light: 60 Day Faith Igniter Devotional


By Kendra Thorpe

Even though we try to pray more hours into our day, everyone has a minute to spare for God. Keeping those minutes in mind, the Exuberant Light: 60 Day Faith Igniter Devotional was created to help you efficiently carve out time to read, reflect, and expand your perspective as God strengthens you. As we journey together through these pages to sharpen our faith, our spirit will be renewed…God’s way. The Kingdom calls for our souls to prosper; this 60-day devotional style journal will help us manifest God’s promises and experience new levels of prosperity, success and overflow – His way!

You have been chosen to live out God’s promises. All you need is to dive into these devotions created especially for you to get the revelation and reap the favor waiting to harvest. Schedule the time, and watch God move as you take the leap into His Exuberant Light.


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