Fear Is A Crime: How To Overcome Fear & Face Your Destiny




Charron Monaye, playwright, coaching, authors and one of the prolific writers in the world —a gifted teacher who has faced fear, overcame adversity, and rose to success in spite of every challenge and chain that could keep her in bondage.

Face Everything and Rise!!! Fear is a powerful motivator. It either motivates us to shut down and explore the “safe” path or it empowers us to step outside our comfort zone and try something new – to challenge the status quo. In Fear Is A Crime: How To Overcome Fear & Face Your Destiny, Charron explores the origins of our fears, illuminating a path to finding peace and freedom from anxiety and offering powerful tools to help us eradicate it from our lives.


Fear Case Studies by Toni Moore, Esq., Elizabeth Dionna, and Parenthysis E. Gardner

Releasing February 18, 2019!!

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