I Want To Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies For Massive Results While Employed


In a society where entrepreneurism is celebrated and promoted, everyone has become eager to quit Corporate America in order to pursue their dreams full time. While commendable, it has resulted in the downfall and bankruptcy of many individuals. Resigning without a plan, a vision, a legitimate business, or proper knowledge have caused many individuals to return to employment within three to six months. What if I told you that I have eight strategies that will help you create, build, and maintain your business while still employed so you don’t have to worry about looking back once you resign?

Take Charron Monaye, the founder of Pen Legacy, LLC and an award-winning playwright and author. Since 2010, Charron Monaye has authored eight books, co-authored two books, employed to adapt novels and life stories into theatrical scripts, published eight individuals, and pen/produced two theatrical productions. She has accomplished all of this while employed.

Now an entrepreneur coach, Charron Monaye shares the lessons that have helped her build her successful career, along with all of the failures, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way. The freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle may look appealing, but the road to quitting your job and pursing it full time requires preparation and purpose. In I Want to Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Massive Results While Employed, she offers eight strategies to help any visionary, employee, and dreamer prepare, plan, and execute their goals of being a full-time entrepreneur:

  • Identify The Purpose
  • Business Set-Up 101
  • Remaining Committed to the Goal.
  • Your Job is your First Investor.
  • Balancing Time and Family with No Time Left In A Day
  • Self-Care Is Necessary
  • How Bad Do You Really Want It?
  • Financial Responsibility is Key


This book features entrepreneurial conversations with: Life Coach & Trainer Nesi Ewing * Network Marketing & Direct Sales Guru, Na’Kesha Johnson * Professional Mental Health Counselor & Business Consultant Annette Morris * Education Consultant Nikia Hannon * Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Vanessa Mbamarah  and Financial Coach & Accountant Khristina Barnes




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