Praise God! I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through


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Compiled By; Deborah Rose


This survivor anthology is an example of resilient women who have chosen to step forward and say enough is enough!  I’m no longer going to dwindle in bondage.  There are several types of survivor stories in this anthology, prayerfully each story can help and relate to someone in need.  We’re standing together as a force to break the constant cycle of trauma that is learned and taught as a way of life.  These vicious cycles is passed on from generation to generation that consume and trap us mentally and physically on a daily basis.  It takes one survivor after another to show that “YOU” can also tell, live, and start your journey to freedom.  The normalcy of trauma, hurt, and pain can cause your life to stay in a standstill of inertia.  I admire all of the survivors that are stepping forward with their heart and soul to tell their truth, in order to shine light on those that feel like it is only darkness in this world.


Featuring Co-Authors: Stephanie DeCristoforo, Emerald Rae, Katherine Jones, Shanita P. Williamson, Joy A. Crudup, Maggie Morrison, Roslyn Talley, Trish Romano, Angelz, and Deborah Rose


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