Put A Nail, End It


Compiled By Kiawana Leaf


In this all-powerful and heartening anthology, Put a Nail, End It introduces survivors and authors who stepped outside themselves to share their deepest lessons. This anthology is chock-full of knowledge from spirituality, finances, and mental health awareness, to healing, finding your purpose, and overcoming life’s obstacles.

Put a Nail, End It, compiled by Kiawana Leaf, offers you the opportunity to learn to move out of your comfort zone and see that there is a life beyond your wildest dreams if you have the faith to believe. The lessons in this anthology show you how commitment, dedication, and determination can put you on the path to your destiny. For these authors, healing wasn’t easy. They had to make the necessary adjustments through trials and tribulations to be able to speak their truth and bring you a powerful testimonial about the lessons they have learned. Join these exceptional authors in their quest to put you on the road to your final destination.

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