Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood



Master Certified Single Mother Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Single Mother Academy Founder, Sang Thi Duong, has been advocating for Single Mothers for the past 20+ years, and what began as a personal journey has since grown into a movement with thousands of Single Mothers worldwide.

In her book, Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood: A Single mom’s guide to power, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness, she discusses what no one really wants to talk about – real life as a Single Mother and redefining Single Motherhood on their own terms through resilience, power, and pleasure. This triple threat combo is the part of Single Motherhood that women have been taught to push aside, ignore, and succumb to societal standards. Sadly, “Single Mother” carries a negative connotation anywhere and it’s time to change the trajectory into a powerful uprising of Single Mothers.

Readers will learn the secret ingredients many Single Mother is missing; how to crack the Single Mother stigma; why being a Single Mother is not a death warrant; what a Single Mother can dare, dream, and achieve —and how they can live their best lives, raise phenomenal children and much more.

The best part, you don’t have to be a Single Mother to receive a gift from this book. When any woman opens this book, they’ll be handed the keys to power and pleasure defined by their own terms. Shattering the Barriers is the wake-up call to: claim your power, create your pleasure wheel, and live divinely and happily than you ever thought you could. Single Mother or not.

Shattering the Barriers of Single Motherhood has been written to guide Single Mothers to own their power, dare to achieve what seems impossible, believe in themselves, be accepted, and, ultimately, empower every Single Mother that finds this book in their hands. Drawing on Sang’s 20+ years of personal Single Motherhood experience, infinite research, and endless conversations with other Single Mothers – she brings to you the realness: real lives, real experiences, real conversations, and real barriers Single Mothers are faced with.

You’ll see that being a Single Mother is anything but what society dictates — it’s actually one of the most powerful titles a woman can hold


Coming December 2018

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