The Covid Letters, Vol. 1

By Spencer Collins


Many families have experienced a different type of loss during the COVID-19 pandemic––losses that proved to be unbearable. Due to social distancing, travel restrictions, and the fear of contracting the deadly disease, families have been prevented from saying a proper farewell to deceased loved ones. The despair many families have endured has been crippling, to say the least.

Spencer M. Collins IV offers the families affected by the coronavirus an opportunity to come to terms with feelings of guilt, frustration, and the pain of not being able to say goodbye. The COVID Letters brings together families affected by the global pandemic. Mr. Collins is painfully aware of what it is like to bury a loved one and not be present, having lost the matriarch of his family. This therapeutic project will help provide the closure needed to begin healing. Families have a chance to have a natural grieving process over the loss of a loved one and an opportunity to celebrate those lost lives. Hopefully, these letters will bring comfort by sharing the love and legacy of those we will hold near and dear in our hearts forever.


Coming October 15, 2020



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