The Power of Shut Up


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By Lisa Washington


“Shut Up!” I can imagine the look on your face when someone said those words to you. I’m sure your head spun around as you thought, Who are you talking to? As rude as those words are, sometimes they need to be heard. The Power of Shut Up offers a different perspective on these words and shows you how to embrace the power of listening and then respond while demonstrating maturity. It will cultivate new levels of authenticity and greater resilience, along with renewed peace and joy within you.

For some people, learning to shut up is difficult. It might be because when someone is silenced, they are stripped of their power to express their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. In this compelling story, which is filled with real-life situations and heartrendingly powerful truths of how “talking” too much can have an adverse effect on your life and relationships, Lisa demonstrates why the Power of Shut Up is necessary.

Mastering the art of shutting up will be taught throughout this book through coaching, practical tips, and guided conversations. The Power of Shut Up will help you discover that, while being heard may be a great accomplishment, listening can save you from unnecessary chaos.  As you interact with others, share your opinions, and make decisions, this book will help you think before you speak. Most importantly, it will get you to think before you react.


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