Your Secret Is Not Safe With Me

By Corrona Boston


With over twenty years of experience in the mental health field, Corrona Boston, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist, realized that children are often unsupported due to others’ unprocessed pain related to intergenerational trauma. Providing trauma-informed treatment to several children inspired her to offer professional guidance on this unsettling topic. Corrona believes, “We are not only meant to tell our stories, but we are also meant to survive and heal from them.”

Your Secret is Not Safe with Me was collaboratively designed to help educators, parents, and others responsible for teaching sexual abuse prevention to children. This book is a tool to cultivate intentional and purposeful dialogue to dismantle self-blame and help parents and educators move towards healthy communication and forgiveness to effectively address uncomfortable situations, which is essential to achieving wholeness.

This family project includes the work of Corrona’s sister, Nikia Evans, and illustrations created by her nephew and nieces, Ronald Glass, Tristan Glass, and Zoey Anthony.

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