I have had the great pleasure of working with Charron Monaye and it was truly a wonderful experience. Ms. Monaye is a true professional who gets her projects done in a timely fashion. The projects that I have done with her have been extremely successful. I wish her nothing but the greatest success and looking forward to working with Charron Monaye again.

Cassie Gainey

Although I’ve had other works published, this was my first solo effort. I was a bit nervous. Pen Legacy alleviated my concerns and nervousness. Charron was very professional and responsive. Allowing her to handle publishing enabled me to focus on the creative aspect. She provided valuable insight along the way that helped to make this a successful endeavor. Thank you Pen Legacy!

Teraleen R. Campbell

Thank you Charron Monaye and Pen Legacy for welcoming me into the family! Our journey has been one of consistent growth and strength. Thank you for trusting me enough to share your stages, direct your visions, and bring your characters to life. You have been a major blessing in my life. Your pen has truly been my friend! Forever connected!

Ontaria Kim Wilson

It has been nothing but God that Charron Monaye and I met. When I reached out to her to inquiry about penning a stage play for me, without hesitation she accepted. She provided a timely and exceptional script and was extremely patient with me during the script writing and production processes. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with who could embrace my high expectations. Her vision is unbelievable and she is amazing with her pen. Not only has she provided me outstanding services and worked side by side with me, she has become a lifetime friend.

Franchella Simmons

Love the Real You is a book that will show you how to create a space for Loving Self in everything you do. Charron has provided true life coaching in the form of a book that I highly recommend for any woman and young woman seeking more out of life. Grab a copy of this book for yourself and your sister-friends and have an empowerment sleepover. Thank you Charron for sharing your gifts, talents and love with each reader.

Lucinda Cross

My experience with Pen Legacy has been spectacular. Charron Monaye, CEO of Pen Legacy, has been a tremendous asset in my first venture into the literary world. She has been extremely supportive and extended an extreme amount of passion into getting my first book published. Charron is very knowledgeable and puts her author’s success as her number one priority! Pen Legacy has provided me with the opportunity to realize my dream as a published author.

Austin Harrison

I absolutely love everything that Pen Legacy stands for! Charron Monaye is an absolute force who never hesitates to share her time and talents with others, from her thought-provoking plays to her powerful books. Her book Stop Asking For Permission and Give Notice should be required reading for every person looking to rise in leadership and expand their brand. Charron is currently writing a play based on my bestselling novel Cheatin’ in the Next Room. She has a fast turnaround, and put careful consideration into helping me to bring my characters to life. This is more than a talent; it’s a calling, and I’m honored to work with her!

Rhonda Lawson

When it comes to Charron Monaye and Pen Legacy LLC You Simply Can Not Go Wrong. Anytime you need their services the turn around is quick, and everyone is super professional. I have had the opportunity to Interview Ms. Monaye as well as Clients of Pen Legacy LLC and they have been Absolutely Amazing!!! Pen Legacy LLC is a Professional Business, Ready to Take You and Your Brand to the Next Level!

Bianca Fly

As a first-time author, I had no idea of what it really took to complete the process of writing a book. When I mentioned to a friend the difficulty I was having, she suggested that I secure the services of her sorority sister, Charron Monaye. From our first conversation, I knew Pen Legacy was the right choice for me, for I could tell Charron had my best interest at heart. Throughout the process she continued to guide me, encourage me and push me to finish my book even when I wanted to quit. Charron understands that planning is essential for a successful business. She exemplifies the characteristics of integrity and hard work and does this with a spirit of excellence. Charron is a woman of God who walks in her purpose. I have enjoyed this journey immensely and look forward to my second, third, fourth, etc. books with Pen Legacy. Continue to trust God and Slay Your Legacy. Much Love!

Barbara Allen, Pen Legacy Author

My experience with Pen Legacy Publishing has sincerely exceeded my expectations in every way! When I started trying to write my book, I could not. Charron Monaye, the lead founder and book publisher came to my rescue and set me straight! Not only did my book get written, but it was written and published within 2 and a 1/2 months! On my book’s release day, it debuted at #1 on Amazon in 3 categories! Through her company, she also helped me showcase my book ad on a digital billboard in Times Square! Forbes reviewed my book and interviewed / showcased me in their magazine……and I am still shocked! Thank you, Pen Legacy!! Thank you for being so much more than I could have hoped!

Precious Williams