Pen Legacy “Vision to Published” Program

Ideal for Current or Aspiring Authors or Writers in Any Industry

The Pen Legacy “Vision to Published” Program is a 6-month individualized program designed to support writers through all stages of the writing and publishing process. During this program, aspiring writers/authors will be instructed on the writing process, coached through the writing process, educated on the publishing process and ultimately become a Published Author.

Benefits of Joining Pen Legacy’s “Vision to Published” Program

  • Learn to clarify articulately and carefully develop your ideas.
  • Make your writing flow more like a conversation than a scripted story; flat and narrow.
  • Write to your audience/readers and understand the importance of writing for them (as a means of entertainment or education) and not at them (judgement).
  • Learn the complete publishing process from book covers, ISBN numbers, and copyrighting.
  • How to capitalize on book publishing and the “true” work that is necessary to be successful.
  • Become published through Pen Legacy Publishing.
  • How to sell and market your book.
  • Your target audience and different ways to reach them.
  • Private Zoom training sessions.
  • Have CharronMonaye work personally as your thought partner for your book project.
  • Secure an accountability partner to ensure commitment and consistency through the process.
  • Work withCharronMonaye to visualize, outline the steps, and help you execute your plans.
  • You will have another pair of eyes to review your business and/or personal goals.
  • You will have the ability to network and/or venture jointly with other entrepreneurs from around the world through Charron Monaye’s connections.

How does the Pen Legacy “Vision to Published” Program work?

At Pen Legacy, we believe that any form of success is a team effort, so we have structured the Writing Program to include:

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls. Meet with a Writing Coach each week for an hour to review your writing progress, set goals for the week to follow, and create a powerful accountability structure. Send your writing products to your coach 24 to 48 hours prior to your scheduled call and receive consistent weekly guidance and constructive feedback on your writing.
  • Virtual Writing Room. Join a structured writing community where you learn to break down your weekly tasks into small assignments, track your writing progress, and be held accountable in a supportive environment facilitated by experienced moderators.

What does the Pen Legacy “Vision to Published” Program cost?

  • Full price is $4,997.00, along with a Billboard Advertisement of your book in Times Square, NY for 5 days.
  • You will be charged a deposit of $2,250.00, and 6 installments of $500 per month, for a total of $5,250.00
  • Referral Bonus: All Participants who refer someone will receive 20% of the new client’s registration fee. All referral payments will be made once that co-author registration is paid in full.

For registration and to schedule an interview, please email