You’ve Won, Now What?

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How do you hold onto the blessings and favor that you have worked so hard to obtain?  Listed below are some of the concepts that I use, even now, to maintain and continue to progress along my journey, as I strive to fulfill and enhance my newly purposed destiny.


  • Declare ownership of your life: No one can take anything away from you that you don’t give away.


  • Accept your journey, no matter what: There will always be naysayers and shade throwers that will try to throw you off course, but this is where perseverance and determination comes in.  You can not be moved if you are deeply rooted in your authenticity.


  • Love and celebrate yourself daily: Every day you will learn something new about yourself.    Some days, you will endure hardships that might alter your life story, others you may gain victories that will elevate your story.


  • Affirm that you deserve it: Having this new sense of fulfillment in my life, I often find myself questioning or asking, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why me?”.


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: Everyone knows that when good things happen, bad things find a way to insinuate themselves to lessen the impact of that which is good.


  • Change your circle: You cannot be friends with, and continue to associate with people who want to keep you living in your past.


  • Get an accountability partner: I absolutely love my accountability partners.  I have two accountability partners, my children, who count as 1, and my man.


  • De-clutter your life: The easiest way to begin to rebuild your life with positivity and happiness is to start by letting go of everything, and everybody that goes against the grain of what you are trying to accomplish.


  • Be Honest about your Truth. You will never be able to fully elevate your life if you are not completely honest about your desires and intentions.



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