7 Things That Many Self-Published Authors Don’t Know, And It’s Costing Them

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By Charron Monaye ‘


For the past 10-15 years, self-publishing has become the “writer’s favorite” when it comes to becoming an author. Many writers are tired of the chains that come with “traditional publishing” and the games and unprofessionalism of “vanity companies”, that they take matters into their own hands. Thus, making self-publishing platforms such as: Createspace, Lulu, Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Ingramspark, etc. the crowd favorites. Being an author myself, I understand why self-publishing is the “go-to form of publishing”, I mean hey, you get to keep 100% of your royalties and rights to your work and you maintain creative control of your publishing journey. Plus, you get to control just how comfortable or successful you are as an author.

However, even with the freedom of just uploading and celebrating your new found title, if you are not familiar with the book industry, book distribution, and in’s and out’s of publishing for maximum exposure and leverage, then you are cheating yourself out of tons of money, opportunities, and possible industry recognitions. As, also, a book publisher, I often have authors come to me to republish their self-published titles because their self-publishing efforts are not yielding them the results they expected.

Even though, the many self-publishing platforms have made publishing convenient and easy, I have found that with authors not knowing these 7 important concepts and steps of publishing and distribution, they are leaving a lot of success, exposure, and of course money on the table.


7 Things Many Authors Don’t Know & It’s Costing Them!!


  • Poorly edited or non-edited books will destroy your credibility as an Author / Writer.
  • The importance of book categories & how to select the one that will yield you sales and bestseller rankings.
  • How to write marketable and persuasive content to attract and maintain avid readers.
  • How to effective price a book to generate sales.
  • How unattractive cover or unmarketable synopsis can deter downloads or sales.
  • How to properly brand, market, and advertise your book via social media and email listings for maximum exposure.
  • How to capitalize on the pre-sale period to drive readers, book clubs, and influencers to your book prior to its release.


Let me tell you a secret, filling out the author and book information and uploading your content does not make you a Successful and Profitable Author. If you are willing to invest into becoming an Author, why not get a Book / Author Coach or hire a Small Press Publisher, that is equipped to offering you book publishing services, while combining the author favorites, “100% Royalties and Rights”. Book Publishing is more than a “Click & Upload”, it’s an Investment and Income Stream that if done correctly, can offer you millions.


If you don’t know the 7 statements listed above, contact us immediately.  For small press publishing services visit our website, www.penlegacy.com or if you are an author and need coaching, visit my website www.charronmonaye.com  and let’s start today. Your book should be making you millions, not costing you.


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