Are You The Reason Why You Are Not Living Your Best Life?

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By Charron Monaye


As a life coach and entrepreneur, I run into tons of people who are “stuck” in their comfort zone. They know what they want and are eager for change, but they won’t move to create a new narrative.  So I decided to create a blog series called, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”. In this series, I will offer steps, interviews, and resources on ways to move pass your own self-doubt, insecurity, fear, and the “lack of” so you can begin to see the bright side of all possibilities and go for it.

For this article, I will offer you 5 ways to get out of your own way. Far too often we walk around blaming our delay, disadvantage, and detours on everyone else, including God, when it fact we simply need to look in the mirror. If you want better, need more, and deserve greatness, than you need to:

  1. Write the Vision & Make a Plain
  2. Enjoy the Milestones and Breakthroughs
  3. Embrace the failures and lessons
  4. Hire a Coach to learn what you don’t know
  5. Execute, Execute, Execute

As you see, every step requires, “Action” and “Movement” on your part, so if you are afraid to do the work for yourself, then in your way you will stay. But if you are ready to do the work, then buckle up and enjoy the process. If you need a coach, please visit for our new coaching programs.


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