Kennedi Goes To Kindergarten


    Kindergarten is a big deal and comes with mix emotions for most children. Children can be nervous, scared, happy, or excited because kindergarten is a new adventure. In this second book by the mother-daughter duo, Kennedi is ready for her first day in kindergarten. She’s ready to meet her new…

    Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account


    A penny saved is a penny earned. Officially a published author, Michelle has sold out of her books during the Pen Legacy Book Expo at her school and must now decide what to do with all the money she has earned. Does she spend it on the things she wants…

    A Special Little Girl


    Meet 10-year-old Zyion, a fun-loving and energetic little girl who is loved and adored by her family. While Zyion recognizes that her family loves her, she is sometimes teased at school because she is "different." Zyion is autistic and sometimes has difficulties expressing how she feels. A Special Little Girl is…

    Michelle & Her Magical Pen


    Michelle is an amazing girl who aspires to be a great writer. She finds much delight in writing day in and day out. However, when her English teacher gives the class an assignment to write a story for a book anthology, Michelle draws a blank. Will Michelle overcome her writer’s…

    Imagine Life Without African-American Inventors


    Did you know your cellphone was invented by an African American? What about the doorknob, mailbox, or the home security system? Through the book, you will learn along with Mr. Kentrell’s class just how African American women and men contributed to the world we live in. Imagine Life Without African…

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