Dalon J Holland Actor of Marvels Cloak Dagger Talks Acting and Evolving in Hollywood!

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By: Charron Monaye


Dalon J. Holland is no stranger to acting or the television industry. Landing his first role as the character Red in the Web-Series series Stage to Screen: Classics on Camera in 2013, Dalon is building a résumé of consistency and drama-filled roles. Representing the city of Detroit, we are expecting nothing but greatness from this amazing actor!

During a recent interview with Pen Legacy’s Charron Monaye, Dalon opened up about his life, his acting journey, and his recurring role in Marvel’s new television series, Cloak and Dagger, premiering on Freeform Network.DJH PR Photo

Tell me about yourself, your dreams, and your aspirations.

Not sure where to start! I eat more than most people think I would! I’m creative, have a huge imagination and have always dreamed big. The current level of my dream I’m working on is being able to act full-time. I want to spread my acting into voice-over for animations, video games, and some Mo-cap (motion capture)! I dream of a career spreading multiple genres from sci-fi, to horror, to action, and definitely more comicbook work.

Aside from acting, I aspire to help improve the lives of others. Being born and raised in Michigan, the Flint water crisis hit pretty close to home. I would like to get involved in and help with finding a solution for issues like that which affect people.


What inspired you to become an actor?

I find it kind of odd what inspired me to become an actor. The first time I thought “Hmm, that’s what I want to be when I grow up”, I was watching bloopers of a TV show. Seeing the actors forget their lines, step out of character, and then pull it together for the next take was the moment I realized they were just using their imaginations to create the stories, characters, and worlds that I loved! And they were having fun while doing it!

After that, it was a mixture of being forced into summer activities and picking the one I actually found an interest in. I had one of those “you’re not in school but go learn” childhoods. I did my first class, used my imagination, got positive feedback, had fun, and fell in love.


You have starred in television shows Being Mary Jane and The Get Down. As a rising actor in Hollywood, what are some challenges you have faced and some lessons you are learning that will help you expand your name or brand?

Being an upcoming actor in Hollywood, I’ve definitely had to deal with the challenge of being patience and allowing things to happen. Sometimes it’s hard for me to enjoy the journey and not focus too much on the “when” and “how”. One of the biggest lessons I’m still learning is “trusting the process”, as my acting coach says.

With branding and building my name, the best lessons have been to stand strong when it comes to what kind work I want to do and how I want to be seen, and knowing what roles to take on. Every role may not fit into the image and career path I want to achieve.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to never give up, stay active, and trust my given talents.


You are starring in the upcoming TV series Cloak and Dagger. Tell us a little about your character, Duane Porter, and how you prepared for this role?

Yes, Cloak and Dagger is coming up. It’s coming up quick! The pilot has shown at SXSW, Wonder-Con, and will be at SDCC18. With that being said, I’m still not sure what I can and cannot say about the project. I do, however, think it’s okay to say that I will be in the premiere episode on June 7th and throughout more of the season. I can’t wait to see how people take to the series.


Cloak and Dagger is based on a comic book duo who have appeared in Marvel Comics classics. Are you a Marvel fan? Also, with the amazing success of the blockbuster hit Black Panther, what does it mean to you to be a part of this production and associated with another Marvel character-based story?

I’m definitely a comic book fan, and Marvel has its spot in there of course. The success of Black Panther is monumental. I hope its climbing the charts assists in the increased production of minority films and presentation in Hollywood. When it comes to being a part of MCU, it’s awesome! I made it to the Marvel Cinematic Wiki!


With all of the genres you have worked, what has been most rewarding and fun for you? What genre haven’t you worked but would love to one day?

Which genre has been the most rewarding? That’s a hard one to answer. I’ve been moved to tears by comedies, but I love the intensity of drama. As far as the genre I haven’t done yet, I’d love to work on a sci-fi project. So many more, though!


They say actors never sleep. So, what’s next for you?

Staying up all night. Even when not filming, there’s photo shoots, auditioning, meetings for new possible roles. Oh, and social media! I just recently filmed two short films. I’ll be posting about them on my social media account (LOL!) once they get closer.

Anyone who wants to keep up with me as an actor can follow me on Instagram @dalonjholland. Any upcoming projects, behind-the-scenes, red carpet events, and highlights of my career will be shared there. 😁😉


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger on June 7, 2018, premiering on Freeform Network.


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