Humbly Fed Up

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By Kiawana Leaf


As I grew into my maturity, becoming an entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker became a priority, if not a dream. Even though, I knew I had the potential to see this dream come true, I never envisioned myself in these role. So instead of pursuing, I downplayed my chances, but asking myself, “Where would I get the finances?”, “Do I even have the resources or the people to support me?”, “Will I be able to find a coach to push me?”, and simply believing I wasn’t qualified for what I wanted to achieve.

But as the saying goes, “Never Say Never”!! One year I was doubting my chances and then suddenly everything I wanted started coming to fruition. However, even in the midst of what appeared to be growth, I started questioning myself, “who would ever notice me”. Being completely unfamiliar with the entertainment world, how would I survive? I mean, speaking in front of a crowds always made me nervous or anxious. Palms sweaty and always telling myself that this was too big for Key! This is why I am forever grateful to be introduced to Charron Monaye, founder of Pen Legacy, LLC, the only publisher that believed in me. She saw the dream, desire, and purpose in me, never allowing me to speak short of myself, and always, even to this day, pushing and motivating me to reach my full potential.

While I stand here grateful, in honor, faith, and humbleness to my new titles, I find it quite interesting that my closest “family and friends” are the one that speaks ill of me. Attempting to damage my character, pull me out of character, keep me captive in my trauma, weaken my spirit, and encourage me to quit. The feeling of being hit by bricks, stones and knives are truly damaging, but Still I Rise. Still I move forward with my head held high with one foot moving in front of the other with the determination not to give up. Still I grow in my journey for my supporters that may not know me, but need the voice that it is in me.

So for all of you that is new to my mission, allow me to introduce myself…. My name is Kiawana Leaf, I am the founder of Empower Too Inspire LLC. I got the opportunity to hone my acting skills on TV One’s “For My Man” and Ari Squires’ soul stirring documentary “No More Chains 2”. In June of 2019, I released my first book entitled, Confidence Unlocked under Pen legacy Publishing, and looking forward to my next novel entitled, Beautifying Sins slated for release May of 2020.

Asking God “why me” and hearing them say “who do she think she is”. I acknowledge it all with a smile!!  When you know Who you are, and Whose you are, it makes it easier to walk in my Legacy!

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