It’s Time to Detox

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Now, I must ask, how many of you are living your life according to someone else’s definition of normal, and attempting to force yourself into their defined mold?  Are you giving yourself permission to insist that others respect your choices in life, whether they agree with them or not?


Everyday we live life, we are either learning as we go, or missing the mark that might lead us to what will make us greater.  However, there are resources and networks that are available to each one of us,  resources and networks which are willing and ready to help us to see where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there.  This realization was so fundamental for me because I knew I was supposed to be something greater than what I already was, but I had no idea how to get there.  I had no realistic plan, nor did I have a financially feasible resource to execute a plan.  And more importantly, I still did not have enough confidence in myself to further invest! I still needed someone else’s opinion to validate my dreams. So when Lisa Nicols said, “Stop asking the worlds permission to get you. Give the world notice that you are coming!”, her words resonated with me. I realized that I needed to apply this transformative decree to my own life.  When I originally started giving notice, the first thing I did was acknowledge and eliminate all unnecessary baggage, dead weight, and negative influences from my life. I looked at my personal contacts (friends and family), social media (followers and friends), daily habits, and how I was treating myself (with love or without love). I cannot begin to tell you how much negativity was surrounding me, that I was not even aware was there.  I felt the need to give myself a “toxicity cleansing” day. In other words, I deleted, threw away, ended, and closed access to many people in my life, on my timelines, and in my cell phone.  I re-evaluated my responses to ME and how I was treating myself, as well as how I was allowing others to treat me, and I vowed to insist on receiving the respect and love I was due, especially from myself.


Have you ever heard the saying “You are the company that you keep”? You cannot aspire to be anything great, when people who are comfortable living in mediocrity surround you. You cannot expect to exceed the worlds limitations, if you surround yourself with people who have succumbed to the limits set forth for them, often by their own mindsets.  Therefore, it is imperative to let go of anything that is stopping you from being who you want to be. Letting go can be the HARDEST thing to do, but you will APPRECIATE the liberation once you have accomplished it!


  • Except from the book, “Stop Asking For Permission & Give Notice”

By Charron Monaye

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