Money Enhances Your Life, It’s Not Your Life

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We live in a world where money has become more valuable than life. People are stealing, murdering, embezzling and destroying families just for financial gain. These folks feel that having money makes life easier and more enjoyable. First – let’s get out of the habit of looking for things to happen easier. I have yet to receive anything easily, no matter how positive I viewed the situation. The same thing applies with money.
Having money to survive is what jobs are created for, however to some, the love of money becomes greed. Does having money remove your hurt, confusion or heal the broken person you see in the mirror every day. Money may add a temporary Band-Aid by affording opportunities to do things to take your mind off of your inner woes but are the issues gone? No! Having money does not always transform your life into something better if you are not transformed inside. Can money buy you happiness? Can money buy you peace? Can money buy your personal and professional security? The answer is NO. Again, it may create a temporary space of happiness, but once it’s gone, will your happiness remain? Probably not, that’s why I can’t stress enough the importance of loving the real you. Trying to cover up the scars with things will ultimately fill very few voids.
You should never allow money the power to destroy anything in your life. Relationships are vital to your success because you can’t live in this world alone. So treat your relationships with the utmost respect, love and discernment. Money will come and go but true friendships are hard to come by.

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