New Book Inspires Readers to Stop Asking for Permission and Live Out Loud

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ROSLYN, PA – In her new book, STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice, author, playwright, and all-around writer, Charron Monaye shares her journey from pain to peace, outlining steps everyone can take to create an unapologetic life — while removing toxic people and hardships.

After surviving multiple anxiety attacks that led to a life-altering heart attack at the ripe young age of thirty, Charron had to learn how to give her pain a voice while not blaming herself in the midst. Charron Monaye adapted a new sense of survival while being ready to open up about losing everything…and finding peace in the process.

In STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice, Charron shares her insights to maintaining a life that is rich simply by owning it. Charron Monaye gives readers access to her life lessons by focusing on three areas of personal ownership –– Acknowledge, Accept, and Attain.

“I wrote STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice after hearing motivational speaker and author Lisa Nichols share her testimony on the Steve Harvey Show. Her message resonated with me and made me realize that I, too, was living life asking for permission and validation,” states Charron Monaye. “In writing this book, I was forced to get clear on my intentions so I could achieve personal wins and goal advancement.”

The foreword was written by Lucinda Cross. STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice is available now for $15.99 at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Pen Legacy Bookstore, and

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About Charron Monaye

Charron Monaye is an award-winning playwright, author, publisher, and founder of Pen Legacy, LLC. She has published 21 authors, written 10 books, (co-author of 2), and written/produced 3 theatrical productions.

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