By Charron Monaye

Author, Playwright, and all-around Writer, Charron Monaye shares her journey from pain to peace, outlining steps everyone can take to create an unapologetic life — while removing toxic people and hardships. Eight years ago, Charron Monaye was faced with a divorce, eviction, unemployment, and emotional breakdowns as a result of anxiety. Being a single mom and struggling to make ends meet to provide the basic necessities for her two children, she was faced with a decision: Allow life’s challenges to overwhelm her, or STAND UP and OWN her life.
There are countless self-help books that preach and teach you the things you need to do to “obtain” the right life. In “STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice”, this woman shares her insights to “maintaining” a life that is rich, simply by owning it. Charron Monaye gives the reader access to her successes by focusing on the three areas of personal ownership that must be refined to bring true liberation, what she has termed “the 3 A’s”–Acknowledge, Accept, Attain.

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