by Jaguar Wright & Charron Monaye

Jaguar Wright— mother, culinary queen, original member of the Okayplayer Collective, and Soul/R & B vocalist who has performed with the likes of: The Roots, Jay-Z, Al Green, Terri Lynne Carrington, and a host of others — candidly shares her story of the fame, fortune, setbacks, and success that she experienced as a recording artist.
They say, “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”; this could not be further from the truth for Jaguar Wright. Her new book project, The Woodshed, reveals how Jaguar’s personal and artistic journey intertwined with her struggles as an eclectic artist who could only seemingly thrive in her own creative space. Her story began on the streets of North Philadelphia, which shaped a series of life events leading her to sign a deal with MCA Records. Jaguar created and performed music that spoke to her extreme highs and lows. Her business struggles in tandem with her personal struggles with divorce forced Jaguar to pick up the pieces and learn how to create a new masterpiece without losing her creativity and the heartbeat of her artistry – her career as a vocalist. At the pinnacle of her struggles, Jaguar was subjected to incarceration as a consequence of protecting her child, but all in all – the tough battles gave Jaguar a new voice.

Combining her story with bold advice and fierce wordplay, Jaguar Wright teaches, motivates, and gives the real nitty-gritty truth about surviving as an artist while trying to be true to self.

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