Brighter Days Ahead


About the Book

Demetris F. Curry, is well-known for her consulting and media appearances on popular networks abroad speaking in the areas of financial stability, creating generational wealth yet her beginnings of finding herself took fighting through major hurdles in self-doubt, fear of achievement, and overcoming obstacles that literally threaten her life. She vowed to use her story to help others not only in her career but to be transparent in why self-development, affirmations, and reflective guidance is crucial in overall progress to the next chapter in our lives.

In this book, Demetris speaks on those challenges paired with motivational quotes of famous literature poets, works of art, and historical leaders that helped mold her way of thinking. With her personal testimonials of where she began in each given journey, she unfolds the layers of building self-worth and the continued battle of being your own best cheerleader.

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