Now What: 12 Steps to Landing The Career You’ll Love, Not Tolerate


About the Book

Are you tired of being rejected and overlooked for jobs that you know you’re well-qualified for? How often have you felt as though it wasn’t your degree or level of experience that hurt your chances for the job, but the fact that you weren’t able to sell yourself and what you can bring to the position during the interview? Whether you are a recent college graduate or transitioning careers, if you are ready to land your dream job, this guide is for you!

In the book, Now What: 12 Steps to Landing The Career You’ll Love, Not Tolerate, author Debbie Douglas shares twelve proven strategies she has crafted to help you go from being  “looked-over,” to “highly-valued.” With over 20 years of recruiting experience, Debbie has first-hand knowledge of what employers seek in potential candidates, how job seekers should position themselves to land the job they are applying for, and what qualities help job candidates soar to the top of the hire list! The days of applying and hoping for a call back are over; Debbie has penned the unfiltered truth about why you aren’t landing your dream job, so that you can finally win the job you want!

Now What is the call to action to every job candidate needs to guide them through their career journey, while remaining true to themselves. If you’re serious about stepping into the career that you’ll love, open the pages and dive in!

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