Self-Love Is The Best Love

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Loving yourself is the easiest way to find peace and comfort within. You will never grow purposefully being concerned, moved or bothered with the thoughts of others. My mother used to always tell me, “People are going to talk about you, give their opinions and try to change you to make you fit into a box, but remaining who you are will keep you grounded to your purpose.”

Remaining grounded without apologizing is rewarding, however, we all know that without high standards this process can be daunting. When people feel that you can be easily persuaded, they may attempt to implement their agenda in your life to keep you broken on their level. In order to conquer this, you must enjoy and love the person you see in the mirror; including all flaws, insecurities and uncertainty. In my previous years I was not comfortable in my own skin. I knew I was talented but I doubted my ability. I allowed what people thought and said about me to affect my level of comfort and peace. I lived as a person who wasn’t sure of her own direction. Always altering what was important to me so that I could provide comfort in the lives of others. I lost years living my life through others’ filters; I was neither confident nor comfortable enough with myself to accomplish my own goals.

Deny the need to punish or beat yourself up when things go wrong. I often have people tell me that they are their worst critic and they are perfectionists and disappointment or rejection will cause them to abort any mission. I know it can be rough but you must understand that the rejection or delay you experience does not indicate that you’re unworthy. Rejection is God’s protection.

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