The Doors To Pen Legacy Services Are Closed

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Hey There.

Can we just share how in awe we are with the responses, contract signings, and interest in Pen Legacy Publishing, New York Times Billboard Showcases, Ghostwriting Servies, and Author Coaching. Not only did we surpass last year’s numbers, we broke the ceiling on ghostwriting projects and Amazon bestsellers….. 

Yall did not come to play and we made sure you all slayed!!!! But with 13 pending publishing clients for 2021, and now 5 ghostwriting projects, we are booked to capacity. As  much as yall need Charron’s help, expertise, and pen, she simply can’t take another client!! #LookAtGod However, If you are interested in joining our 2022 list, please contact, we only have 6 publishing slots and 2 ghostwriting slots.And please know with the referrals on and popping, we can’t see these slots being open that much longer!!

If you are on our 2021 calendar and want to deay your project until next year, please let us know ASAP, or if you no longer want to publishing in 2021, let us know as well. Your spot can be opened to someone who is ready to win!!!

We are appreciative and totally humbled of your interest in Pen Legacy and Charron Monaye’s services. This is what walking in your purpose and gift looks like!  


Thank you 


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