Trust Yourself: No Validation Needed

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Why do people feel the need for others to validate their life before they feel comfortable living for themselves?

It seems like validation is a requirement before people love, laugh and live life on purpose. Embracing the moves you make unapologetically will help to eliminate the idea of needing permission. Receiving suggestions from friends and family may be imperative when faced with a difficult situation or life-altering decisions; however, their words are opinion not law. Maintaining the power to make decisions for yourself should always remain your top priority. However, becautious on who you seek guidance from and who you allow to coach you through life. To some people, validation implies control as you transfer to seeking answers.

The blueprint of your life was already written and the tools to progress in life are inside of you. I want you to look at all that you have endured. Next, focus on the lessons learned. Think about how you are using that knowledge to make your life better right now. Do you see how seeking validation is meaningless – you already know what to do. Some will never point you in the right direction of your destiny. They are too busy creating a path that will lengthen your travels out of spite, jealousy or revenge. Think about the time you sought guidance from someone regarding a situation that had you completely speechless yet had no idea what to do or how to bounce back. You went to someone hoping to receive concrete answers and solutions but instead you hear, “If I were you, I would… ” After listening to what they would do, you realize that their answers do not match your personality. Do you really want to jeopardize your life finding peace the wrong way?

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