Who Is A Bad Bitch With A Killer Pitch? Bestselling Author Precious Williams Shares the Journey Behind the Book!

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Tell us about yourself?

Hello, my name is Precious L. Williams and I am the proud Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC. I am also known as the #KillerPitchMaster who helps entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies #slayallcompetition through the power of the #perfectpitch. I am also a serial entrepreneur and an international professional speaker who stays #bookedandbusy! I hail from the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri and am a graduate of Spelman College and Rutgers Law School.

What inspired you to embark on the road of becoming an author? Excuse, me, Best Selling Author!

As a 13-time national elevator pitch champion who has been featured on “Shark Tank,” Forbes Magazine, CNN, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and even movies, I was meant to write this book. The truth is I was scared to write it though because I am a natural speaker and poet. I did not think I could write a real business book that people would actually buy. But my book coach, Charron Monaye, encouraged me that now was the time and I was qualified and with her help, I believe we created a masterpiece!!! This book is the culmination of all my years of demonstrating I am the best in the world when it comes to pitching and I want women entrepreneurs and speakers to know that they can do it too! Nothing is impossible or out of reach!

You are the Author of Bad Bitches & Power Pitches. Tell us about your book(s) and what message, lesson or encouragement you are conveying to your readers?

Bad Bitches and Power Pitches was written with showing women how to fly beyond their wildest dreams in business through the power of pitching. When I started my first company, I had -$400 in my bank account and I literally pitched my way onto national television with the strength of the first pitch I ever created. Then I had the nerve to ask for $500k and investors wanted to invest in my little company that everyone swore would never make money.

My goal in writing this book was to appeal to unapologetic women who have the ambition to go after what they want. They just need the right pitching tools and #rockstarconfidence to do it. My book is not for the faint at heart. it tells the truth, the real truth about business and believing in yourself when others do not!
I have been in the rooms with VIP’s, millionaires and billionaires! How did I do it? Through the art of the “killer” pitch. I want women who forgot who they are to read this book and gain the strength to remember they are unstoppable. Your bank account does not define you. Your belief in yourself, your talents, abilities and business are all that matter. Bad Bitches and Power Pitches basically teaches women how to start pitching themselves at all times: in job interviews, media, investors and even in networking situations!

Now I know there were some kickback from certain people with you glorifying the term, “Bitch”, causing you to almost change your title. What made you keep it and is it affecting your power to sell or connect to your audience?

I kept the title because it had been on my heart for 3 years. 3 long years. I let people almost take my dream away because I was not strong enough at the time to defend it. Now I am. My book is a true business book and it was written for a specific audience. It is not for everyone. Putting respectability politics aside, I am a grown woman with an English degree and a law degree. I know what sells and what would make someone pick my book up. A boring title would not do! Also, I am a bad bitch and I wear the crown well. No apologies or f#cks given! And you know my book is on point if Forbes Magazine, yes Forbes Magazine reviewed it with the title of the article, “Pitching is Bitching!” Nuff said!

Being that you are still growing in the book industry, what are some of the challenges and joys you have been faced with.

My own fear, worry and self-doubt. I thought I would only sell 2 books and it was a #1 bestseller!!! When Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn loved it too, I knew I was on my way. I carry a few copies always with me because they sell! One great joy was speaking at the International Women’s Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia and my book sold out!!!! Another joy was seeing my book on a billboard in Times Square!! My book publisher is absolutely the best! Pen Legacy!!!

Should we expect a follow-up book from you? What’s next for Precious?

Yes, Bad Bitches and Power Pitches 2 is coming!!! You ready? Also, I am creating the Bad Bitches and Power Pitches Live 3 Day Experience in NYC in January 2021! For 2 days only a select group of 25 women will learn all about pitching, branding, marketing, sales and public speaking. On the 3rd day, they pitch LIVE to investors and media and secure deals on the spot!!! For more information, go to my website: www.perfectpitchesbyprecious.com

How can our readers support you?
Please purchase my book, “Bad Bitches and Power Pitches” for Women’s History Month this month, for your daughters, sisters, mothers, etc. If you are in business, consider buying copies for your women employees. Also, if you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your company, please consider me!

FREE GIFT: Type the word “pitches” to 66866 and take my FREE short 6 question quiz!!! It will help you start creating the perfect pitch for you!

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