Who’s in your Circle?

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Maintaining healthy relationships is vital to who you are, where you’re going, and who can help you get there. No matter what profession or personal involvement, you will have to interact with others in some fashion to maneuver through life. But, knowing who to give access to isvital to the peace and harmony that is either enhanced or interrupted if we make the wrong decision. When deciding who to allow in your “circle” you must examine a few items to ensure they will bring value and growth to your already momentous journey.

  • Are they knowledgeable and of the same caliber?
  • Can they financially carry their own weight?
  • Are they emotionally stable?
  • What do they want and what can they offer?
  • Do you have the time to invest in the relationship?

You may read this list and immediately re-elevate your entire friend list and trust me, this is a good thing. Making sure that you align yourself with the right people is important. It is extremely difficult to deal with people who carry insecurities and a spirit of negative energy. These types of people are like parasites who enter your life to “take whatever they can” in order to breathe life back into theirs. To prevent this, my suggestion is that you thoroughly screen before you open up to people. Every person you meet does not deserve to have access to your life. They do not need access to your emotions, love or support. Some people can simply receive a “Good morning” smile or a “Have a great day” wave. Before you open up your life to others, make sure that their intentions will enhance your life and not slow down your progress.

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