“I think every pilot needs to have compelling characters, a compelling story, compelling dialogue, and a great opening.”

- Shonda Rhimes -

In 2011, CharronMonaye adapted her first, “My Side of The Story”, into the stage play, “Living Your Life”. From this experience, Charron explored the world of theater, film, and now television. In 2014, Charron won Best Real Life Drama for Stage at the Playwrights Award in Queens, New York, for her script, Why Can’t We Be Friends”. This script was based on the book, “I Believe in Me” written by Chris Hopson. Since then, Charron has been hired to adapt more books to theater, and/or writing scripts based on real life stories. Just recently, Charron premiered her third play in Hollywood, California and after a sold-out run, her production was selected by Bad Boys Productions and is now officially on tour.

Charron Monaye is well verse in writing for theater and television, as she is a former student of television producer, screenwriter, and author Shonda Rhimes.

Our script services are designed to help you achieve your theatrical or film goals. From the initial brainstorming to the moment you are ready to book your theater, we will be your very own dedicated writer, editor, professional consultant, and industry expert.

Our script services include everything you need to transform your concepts and ideas into a well-written, script for theater, film, or television. We specialize in scripts, teleplays and screenplays.

Our Script Writing Includes:

  • Interviews and read to learn about your story
  • Help you write a clear and concise premise
  • Research your topic to make a compelling storyline
  • Develop memorable characters by defining purpose and role
  • Map out your A, B, & C stories
  • Write a Beat Sheet for visual access to your story format
  • Develop your outline to begin the scriptwriting process
  • Write the script based on the outline
  • 4 Script Revisions per your feedback and guidance
  • On-call availability to consult with you from beginning to end.
To book your 20-minute consultation, email us at info@penlegacy.com, so that we can discuss your script writing needs.

ScriptWriting Packages

  • Scriptwriting w/ book adapting: One-Time Investment $6,997 or 6 Investments of $1,200
  • Scriptwriting w/out book: One-Time Investment $4,997 or 6 Investments of $900