“I think every pilot needs to have compelling characters, a compelling story, compelling dialogue, and a great opening.”

- Shonda Rhimes -

After studying under the tutelage of New York Times Bestselling Author and creator of Shondaland, Shonda Rhimes, I have learned the importance of converting books to scripts. Fun Fact: Did you know that 85% of the content seen on television, in movie theaters, and on stages across the globe is adapted from books?

Since 2011, Charron Monaye has been adapting books to screenplays or scripts for authors, including herself. Her first adaptation was with her book, My Side of The Story, in September 2012. The theatrical production Living Your Life premiered in Philadelphia, PA, then showcased in the Black Theater Festival in Washington D.C., which starred Tyler Perry actress D’atra Hicks. Since then, Charron Monaye has been hired to adapt books into scripts for authors such as Christopher Hopson, Nicole Milner, Rhonda Lawson, Deborah Rose, and Stacy Minor. In addition, Monaye produced and/or directed some of these productions. Most recently, Charron premiered her theatrical production, Get Out of Your Own Way, in Hollywood, CA, and Times Square, NY. Get Out of Your Own Way is Charron Monaye’s most successful play to date, with sold-out audiences and encore showings annually.


Who Is Pen Legacy Looking to Work With?

  • Established authors who have published a compelling story that is selling and creating a positive vibe within the community
  • Storytellers committed to releasing timeless stories that are needed not only today but for a lifetime.


Why Hire Charron as Your Scriptwriter?

“It all starts with the script.” This is a commonly heard phrase in the entertainment world and is true for any production, whether a feature film, a short, or docuseries. No matter the complexity of a video, the script is the starting point—the source material. If the script isn’t right, you can safely bet your video production will encounter problems down the line. That’s why it’s important to use a professional scriptwriter who knows the job and understands the unique challenges of writing for productions.

  • Scripts are different from writing books. Whereas most writing is only meant to be read, scripts are performed. This calls for a particular expert writing skill.
  • The language of video is both verbal and visual. A video’s visual context can dramatically enhance its script’s meaning. Thus, your screenwriter will know how to trim your story’s content to offer a better performance.
  • Writing a script requires a great deal of strategic thought, especially when speaking to a particular brand or targeting a specific audience. Professional scriptwriters are experienced in marketing and advertising and know how to design a script that can meet the needs of a diverse range.
  • Scripts are written in specialized computer software and require special fonts, font sizes, indentation, and style. If you are seeking to either sell or partner with a network or film company, your script must be written in the proper format, or it will be denied without consideration.


Charron Monaye’s scriptwriting services are designed to help you achieve your theatrical or film goals. From the initial brainstorming to when you are ready to start film/television development, Charron will be your dedicated writer, professional consultant, and industry expert. Script services include everything you will need to transform your content or storyline into a well-written script, including premise, synopsis, and character development. Charron specializes in spec scripts, teleplays, and screenplays.


Our Script Writing Includes:

  • Interviews and read to learn about your story
  • Help you write a clear and concise premise
  • Research your topic to make a compelling storyline
  • Develop memorable characters by defining purpose and role
  • Map out your A, B, & C stories
  • Write a Beat Sheet for visual access to your story format
  • Develop your outline to begin the scriptwriting process
  • Write the script based on the outline
  • 4 Script Revisions per your feedback and guidance
  • On-call availability to consult with you from beginning to end.