My name is Pastor Leroy G. W. Bean, and I am from the wonderful island of Bermuda. I just want to give a shout-out to Pen Legacy publishers. I just recently used their services to publish my book “Gang Violence is by Design: Exposing the lie”. I found their work to be phenomenal. Their prices and services were exceptional and first class. Thank you, Ms. Charron and the Pen Legacy staff.
Pastor Leroy G. W. Bean
“Thank you for saving me all this self-induced stress! OMG! Your work is phenomenal! This is exactly why I hired you! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I was literally stressing over how to start it. Wow! WOW!”
Debbie D. Douglas
Talent Recruiter with Paramount Network
“Working with Charron has been one of my best experiences working with a professional. She gives her clients a clear vision and promising results. Charron is thorough from the beginning to the end and allows you to work creatively alongside her. My doubts and fears are washed away when I work with her because of her confidence and trust. Thank you so much, Charron, for being one of the GREATS in my book!”
Ty Johnston-Chavis, p.g.a,
TV & Film Producer & Entertainment Executive, TV Showrunner
“My publishing experience with Pen Legacy was a dream come true. I knew I wanted to write a book, but it seemed too complicated. When I heard my friends had worked with Pen Legacy and gotten their books published, I thought maybe they could help me. After talking with Charron, she let me know she could make it happen. However, once I shared my desired deadline to publish my book, she said it was almost impossible but would try to help me reach my goal. She gave me a timeline for every step of the process, from the cover design to editing to distribution. They were organized and available and made the process stress-free for me. Exactly what I wanted. My book was published and available online even before my desired date, which was my birthday. Pen Legacy over-delivered, and I am so happy with my book! I can't wait to work with them again.”
Shaunte Massard
Hollywood TV & Film Actress
“This woman is incredible! Not only was she able to take me from a bad publishing deal and help me publish my book, but she now serves as my book agent––handling my business dealings, bookstore placements, and signings. I waited ten years to get this book published, and my baby girl did it in four months.”
Evelyn Braxton
Braxton Family Values
“This is my fourth time working with Pen Legacy! As a repeat client, I am always amazed by the level of detail, thought, and care given to my books. Charron Monaye is the ultimate book coach, ghostwriter, and publisher with whom I have had the true pleasure of working with–PERIOD! Writing a book is not easy, and trusting someone with your book is even harder. For all of my books to be #1 bestsellers on Amazon at full price is unheard of! More importantly, I never feel alone in my book journey. Our successes together speak volumes, and I plan to stay a client until Charron tells me to go, which I hope is never.”
Precious L Williams
Owner of Perfect Pitches By Precious
“Charron Monaye was an extreme pleasure to work with. Being a first-time author, I felt safe and comfortable with Charron as she exemplified professionalism every step of the way. Her team kept me informed during the process and was timely with communication via text, email, and call. She’s a great coach and exceeded my expectations while creating the perfect space for me to grow and perform as a first-time author. Definitely makes me want to write another book!”
Jessica Simington
Hollywood TV & Film Actress
“Pen Legacy and Charron Monaye have been an absolute Godsend. My first publishing experience with my former publisher was awful. I have completed her four-month author mastermind, which was mind-blowing, and republished my book under her company, Pen Legacy Publishing. My book is awesome! Plus, I am seeing consistent sales, booking press, and new clients. She is a #GEM! If you are serious about what you want, she is the #coach and #publisher for you. She is full of knowledge, demonstrates integrity, and I plan to be with her for a while.”
Nicole Deas
Owner of 1 Soource Financial Company
As a first-time author in 2019, I did not know what to expect. Pen Legacy and it’s founder Charron M. quelled all my fears and concerns by setting realistic expectations, providing sound counsel and unlimited guidance and expertise. I have found Pen Legacy staff (here and abroad) to be professional, proficient, caring and most of all dedicated to their client’s success. As a coaching client as well — Charron has had to provide me with the great and the not so great feedback about my ideas — this level of support enabled me to reflect and make better decisions as an author. Charron has provided a listening ear when I was in a pickle with one of my projects. Her availing herself in this manner spoke volumes about her concern for me as a client. I received valuable advice, effective and continuous communication and the feeling that I have not joined a company, but the Pen Legacy family.
Kinyatta Gray
Owner of Flights In Stilettos Luxury Beach Towels & Journals
Working with Pen Legacy was extremely easy and painless. Charron makes it her duty to be hands on and walk you through the publishing process. All questions are welcomed, especially for someone like me who is a first-time author. I would recommend Pen Legacy to anyone who wants a personalized publishing experience.
Brandon Burke
Bestselling Author & Advocate for a Cure of Alzheimer
This has been an absolutely amazing experience. Charron kept me updated every step of the process. I never felt out of the loop. I appreciate all of the support from Charron and team. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is something she was born to do.
Derrick Washington