An Unexpected Love For Christmas


About the Book

In “An Unexpected Love for Christmas,” (sequel to the best-selling novelette, “A Leap of Faith”) Allison is beautiful, spoiled, judgmental, and doesn’t mind making it known that the only way to live, is by her own terms. Although she desires a relationship, any man wanting a second glance from Allison better look even better on paper than he does in person – which automatically eliminates handsome, hard-working Ronald McMurray from her potential list of suitors.

Ronald McMurray’s janitorial business receives a huge contract over the Christmas holidays, which happens to be where Allison’s financial firm is located. More interested in raising his ten-year-old daughter Rolanda, working and upholding his Christian values than casual dating, southern gentleman Ronald isn’t impressed with Allison’s beauty and material success which suits her just fine since he falls short of her strict standards. A long-term relationship with Ronald is out of the question for Allison, until an unexpected encounter changes her life forever. Will Allison allow God to direct her path, or will she get in her own way before true love finds her?

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