Finding You in Every Script


About the Book

Sometimes, our imagination can take us further than we’ve ever dreamt of going, especially if we want to land in the world of acting. Whether we’re Cleopatra being pampered on the Nile, a socialite vacationing in Napa Valley, or a pop star who’s secretly losing her battle with addiction, taking on the different roles and embodying characters who are either our identical contemporaries or whose personalities are light years away from ours, can be exciting. But first, we have to learn how to make the magic happen.


In Finding You in Every Script: An Actor’s Guide on How to Create Characters & Get Booked Being Authentically You, award-winning actress Shaunté Massard (Whitney Houston in Netflix’s Selena, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne), shares her secret tool for tapping into your authentic superpower to land the roles you’ve dreamed of, through fun, engaging, entertaining real-life comparisons that will not only inspire you to go after the parts you want…you’ll be equipped with what you need to land them. It’s possible to transform from a Marvel comic hero to an activist in the blink of an eye by simply discovering what drives you.


Let Shaunté teach you how to put your personality and your imagination to work for you; action doesn’t just begin when the director calls it…it starts when you transform from what’s written on the page to a human “being”.

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