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About the Book

Dedicated to facilitating the growth and evolution of individuals ready to win, Charron Monaye has contributed her pen to the literary industry for over two decades. Her works of creativity include over twenty published books in six different genres, five Amazon best sellers (with six-figure sales and winner of various awards), contributing author for 20+ book publications, celebrity ghostwriter, founder of Pen Legacy Publishing, and an award-winning playwright. Using the expertise gained from her experiences, Charron has bundled her knowledge, lessons, and winning methods on how she has remained relevant and profitable as a writer since 1992.

In her book, From New Release to Bestseller, Charron offers aspiring authors her playbook of author secrets that have made herself and her clients household names. You will learn the basics of publishing, along with building your brand as an author while writing your book. Aspiring writers will benefit from this user-friendly and detailed guide that covers the process from preparing your manuscript to selling the final product. The topics covered include:

  • Author Marketing 101
  • Monetize Your Book into 15 Income Streams
  • Generating Press
  • Adapting a Book into a Script
  • The Steps to Starting a Publishing Company
  • How to Compile & Launch a Book Anthology

Additionally, you will receive Charron Monaye’s “Publishing for Profits” checklist. Broken into three sections––pre-publishing, publishing, and post publishing, this checklist tells you exactly what you need to do to prepare for a profitable release and ensure consistent sales months thereafter.


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