After I Do, Before Happily Ever After, & Everything In Between


About the Book

Many wonder what REALLY happens after “I do” …but before “happily ever after…” Well, the simple answer is…A LOT! With divorce rates at an all-time high and in a new generation of marriage, convenience seems to be superseding the covenant of marriage and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the epidemic of divorce. Noble and Kim have realized there needs to be a revolution of saving marriages and have declared war on divorce. The only way to truly be a soldier and win in this war, is the candid transparency these authors bring to this work and the sharing of their own trials, tribulations and triumphs. Noble and Kim have chosen to open the book to their life and “air their dirty laundry” with hopes that their tests prove to be a testimony to someone else’s marriage. Marriage is often depicted as “hard work,” but when you plug in to the power of God, it does not have to be.

Throughout this book, Noble & Kim will share with readers real life tests they have gone through along with the biblical truths and faith principles they have stood on to face these challenges. They will also guide the reader through reflection and introspection exercises and prayer. The authors share what they have learned through working God’s promises for marriage, relationships and family to continue the path to Happily Ever After. This book does not promise to solve all marital problems plaguing couples but does promise to shed light on and share how you can make a conscious choice daily to choose one another through all of life’s obstacles.

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