Beautifying Sins


About the Book

We all have something we have to atone for, ask forgiveness for, and for which we have to accept the consequences. Most important is how we come to terms with our bad decisions and forgive ourselves.

In her first novel, Confidence Unlocked, Kiawana Leaf shared how, through turbulent times, she came to a turning point in her life where she had to stand on her own feet. Now, in her second book, Beautifying Sins, Kiawana has opened up about her “truths”. Kiawana’s novel digs deep into explaining what sin is and how she was guilty of committing sins and deciding that she would receive the consequences, turning them into something positive. By embracing her past, Kiawana began to grow, glow, and evolve. Join Kiawana as she helps you take your broken pieces and find your true path to happiness, tranquility, and contentment.

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