Uplevel Your Life


About the Book

By Toni Moore Esq


There is something deep within the belly of your soul that you’re responsible for manifesting on this side of heaven. Whether you call it your brilliance, id, purpose, or gift, you’re responsible for using what you have to manifest pieces of Heaven on earth. Whether you grew up from a wealthy family or in poverty, God planned and purposed for you to manifest greater things. Now the question is, will you allow more to come through you than what was given to you?

From bruised and broken pieces to blessed and bankable, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Toni Moore, shares her unapologetic guide to pushing through the shadows of hurt, shame,  and poverty to manifest her version of ‘happily ever after.’ True to her brand of being real, raw, and relatable, Toni shares a story of how someone who comes from nothing can unapologetically manifest greater no matter what.

If you’re ready to break free of the status quo, make change possible, and manifest greater on this side of Heaven, then now is the time to Uplevel.


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