Michelle Goes to An HBCU


About the Book

Michelle Goes To An HBCU is a captivating children’s book that invites young readers on an exciting journey to explore the vibrant world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Follow Michelle as she embarks on her first visit to an HBCU campus, filled with curiosity and excitement. Throughout the day, she explores the campus with her family while learning about the rich history and traditions of HBCUs, including the legendary Divine Nine organizations and the halftime show. She also discovers the remarkable achievements of some HBCU alumni, inspiring her to dream big for her own future.

Through charming illustrations and a heartwarming storyline, “Michelle Goes To An HBCU” celebrates the joy of exploration, the power of education, and the importance of embracing diversity. Perfect for children eager to learn about Black creativity and culture, this book is an engaging introduction to the magic of HBCUs. Join Michelle on her unforgettable journey and inspire young minds to dream big and embrace the beauty of Black excellence!

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