Copyright Compliance for Churches
Copyright Compliance for Churches

Are you a church leader making costly copyright mistakes?

With the increasing popularity of virtual worship services, church leaders need to know basic copyright principles to avoid infringing activities that create legal risks.

Written for church leaders, but easy for congregation members to follow.

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From New Release To Bestseller
From New Release To Bestseller

Dedicated to facilitating the growth and evolution of individuals ready to win, Charron Monaye has contributed her pen to the literary industry for over two decades. Her works of creativity include over twenty published books in six different genres, five Amazon best sellers (with six-figure sales and winner of various awards), contributing author for 20+ book publications, celebrity ghostwriter, founder of Pen Legacy Publishing, and an award-winning playwright. Using the expertise gained from her experiences, Charron has bundled her knowledge, lessons, and winning methods on how she has remained relevant and profitable as a writer since 1992.

In her book, From New Release to Bestseller, Charron offers aspiring authors her playbook of author secrets that have made herself and her clients household names. You will learn the basics of publishing, along with building your brand as an author while writing your book. Aspiring writers will benefit from this user-friendly and detailed guide that covers the process from preparing your manuscript to selling the final product. The topics covered include:

  • Author Marketing 101
  • Monetize Your Book into 15 Income Streams
  • Generating Press
  • Adapting a Book into a Script
  • The Steps to Starting a Publishing Company
  • How to Compile & Launch a Book Anthology

Additionally, you will receive Charron Monaye’s “Publishing for Profits” checklist. Broken into three sections––pre-publishing, publishing, and post publishing, this checklist tells you exactly what you need to do to prepare for a profitable release and ensure consistent sales months thereafter.


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Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life
Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life

Have you ever done something you regretted? Have you ever felt as if you weren’t enough to the point of making a life-altering decision to change your physical appearance? And if so, were you made whole after? Or did that life-altering decision result in increased debt, depression, and anxiety? Ultimately leaving you in a worse predicament than when you started. The average American has at least one thing (if given the possibility) they would like to change. Is it a crime to want to change something about your physical appearance? You should not have to suffer a lifetime for your decision about wanting to look good.

In their debut book, Inject-Dead: The Story of How Silicone Injections Damaged My Life, Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. take a deep dive into how looking good can be detrimental when you explore options within the black market. For some, plastic surgery is a form of empowerment and privilege. However, if it is not done properly and for the right reasons, there is another side that can end deadly.

Authors Brenda Lee, and Jamila B. will fully expose the ugly side of plastic surgery that social media and society as a whole fail to explore. Furthermore, highlighting the vital importance of research and investigation prior to moving forward with committing to such a life-changing endeavor.

Throughout this book, they will share:

● How to Research the Appropriate Doctor’s

● What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery

● How to Fund Your Surgery With or Without Insurance

● The Process of Preparing and Recovering From Surgery

● Building Your Mindset & Relationships For the Journey

The drive to look good is about far more than vanity. It’s about being psychologically healthy, fulfilled, and confident. Speaking from experience and current recovery trials, Brenda Lee and Jamila B. offer support and education on how to look good (safely) minus the stress.


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Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows
Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows

Obedience to the call of God doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles along the way.

In Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows, author Reba Harris chronicles her harrowing journey from childhood trauma to success! In over sixty years, Reba has navigated through poverty, her mother’s heartbreaking betrayal, being victimized by injustice and racism, a strained marriage, and overcoming addiction.  With little education, minimal direction and no idea what to do with it, Reba attached her faith to the word she received from God and started a recovery home ministry for women. And just like Nehemiah in the Bible (whom she likens herself to), Reba has remained courageous and steadfast through the many oppositions she faced as she strives to complete the will of God.

Through Living Life After the Fires, Reba deftly transforms her personal testimony into a throng of inspiration that will uplift, motivate and challenge readers to live outside the borders of trauma and believe that they can win!


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Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account
Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Officially a published author, Michelle has sold out of her books during the Pen Legacy Book Expo at her school and must now decide what to do with all the money she has earned. Does she spend it on the things she wants or save it as she was taught?

Michelle Opens Her First Bank Account unfolds a treasury of ideas that could directly affect your child’s view of the world in which we live. When teaching children about money, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Yet, this story will be an easy and fun way to start.

Introduce your child to a mindful way to value money by joining Michelle on her exciting journey to open a bank account. Teaching responsible money habits like investing, saving and budgeting can help your child mature and grow with confidence.

This empowering story is perfect for children who want to dream big and begin their journey of securing their financial future.

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Show Up Positive
Show Up Positive

“Misery loves company until people grow tired of being miserable.”


Remember your excitement when you accepted the job offer or started your business? Do you recall when teamwork and camaraderie made your day more fulfilling? If you are ready to get back to that work-life you loved, Positivity Influencer Rita Ernst advocates you stop waiting and generate it yourself.

Since 2020, Rita Ernst has leveraged her expertise in organizational psychology to craft solutions for business owners and staff members that break through the hostility while restoring pride, teamwork, and profits. Through her ground-breaking training and lessons, she reveals how to intentionally cultivate positive thoughts and behaviors instead of automatically reacting from the trappings of a depleting cycle of frustration and discontent.

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When Silence Is Misunderstood
When Silence Is Misunderstood

Forgiveness is for the one who gives it.

“When Silence is Misunderstood” is the gripping true-life account of Crystal Brooks, daughter of the first black female officer on Capitol Hill…and a grocery store fork lift operator who battled a debilitating drug addiction. Caught between a world of law and lawlessness, instead of reaching out for help, Crystal fell silent – until she had to fight for her life.

Physical, emotional and sexual abuse at an early age threatened to derail Crystal from pursuing her purpose, until she realized she possessed the strength not only to overcome trauma, but to use its aftermath to propel her into her destiny and help others. Through the pain and tough decisions, Crystal has crafted the life of abundance, peace and happiness she’d always longed for. Ultimately choosing herself, Crystal has emerged from the storm as a voice for herself and others, proving abuse doesn’t define us, it empowers us to break the silence.

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