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Bella Chloe Monroe couldn’t have imagined a better life for herself. 


Blessed with a doting mother, compassionate lover, and fast-paced career as a flight attendant for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, Bella simply can’t believe the life she dreamed of is the one she’s finally living. But just as every rose has its thorns, Bella’s about to discover the worst of them never stray far away. 


Bella’s mother, Blossom Monroe, is an acclaimed playwright, adored for her exemplary works of art and praised by all but one, one who welled with jealousy in the shadows and away from the adoring spotlight Bella’s humble mom basked in as her career skyrocketed. With her career exploding, Blossom’s light draws everyone to her…even those who seek to put her light out. Before long, Bella and Blossom discover the glitter they crave is just a cover for the darkness looming beneath it, and danger is closer than they’ll ever admit.


Murder, paranoia, and deception cast the women into chaos as their fairytale disintegrates into a nightmare. Family as Bella once knew it would be no more, trust becomes a luxury, while incessant worrying becomes the new norm. 


Will Bella and Blossom be able to recover the lavish life and luxuries they’ve grown accustomed to, or will vengeance and bloodshed hand them over to a fate they can’t return from?


Follow a daughter’s journey for avengement and redemption at the risk of losing her soul while a dastardly future peaks on the gloomy horizon.


With breakneck pacing and dazzling twists, “MOTHERLESS” is a riveting story bound to hypnotize you on how deeply connected family, a daughter’s love, ruthlessness, and betrayal can be.

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