Silently Speaking


About the Book

It’s Not What Happens To You, but What Happens For You!!

Do you struggle with feeling unworthy of love? Have you ever thought that you are not enough? That you “just might have” asked for the abuse given? How many nights have you blamed yourself? Which day of the week do you break down in tears trying to forget? That maybe, if you had done better or given more, your path would have been more enjoyable. Danah Hayes knows all too well what it’s like to live in this painful space. This was her story, but in this book, you will learn how she overcame, was overjoyed, and was overly blessed!

In her book, Silently Speaking: Celebrating A Woman’s Journey from Abuse to Abundance, Self-Discovery and Transformational Coach, mentor, inspirational speaker, and founder and creator of the Evolve into Your Power Method, Danah shares her story of wrestling with the after-effects of abuse, coming face-to-face with the unimaginable, healing through the pain and walking in her greater power through her spiritual awakening. As you read each page, you will learn how to rise above and dismantle deeply ingrained emotional and mental blocks, examine your internal motivations, and align with the desires of your heart so you can embrace your power unapologetically.

So, if you are ready to celebrate the journey, this book is for you!


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