Summer’s Secret Keeper


About the Book

Summer’s Secret Keeper spins a tale of intrigue and bravery fit for the young and curious. Meet Summer, a bubbly seven-year-old whose days are filled with giggles and games like Roblox, TikTok and Barbies, until her world tilts on its axis with her mother’s demanding job as a doctor. Everything seems okay when her mom hires a babysitter named Ms. Anna, who everyone says is really nice. But things get tricky when Summer experiences something strange with Ms. Anna. Now, Summer has to figure out who she can trust and what to do next.

With exciting challenges, “Summer’s Secret Keeper” takes young readers on a journey of bravery and friendship. As Summer faces tough decisions and unexpected surprises, she shows us that even when things seem scary, being brave and sticking to what’s right can help us find our way. Through Summer’s adventures, kids learn about trust, friendship, and the power of speaking up, all in a fun and exciting story perfect for elementary school readers.

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