An ALTered Me


About the Book

It’s easy to petition God for those promises we know we’ve already been predestined to receive, but what happens when our best laid plans and desires collides with God’s will for our lives?

In An Altered Yes, Kiawana discovers the consequences of shirking God’s plans in favor of doing things our own way to get what we want. Finding it difficult to accept or agree with God’s path to her destiny, Kiawana takes a series of shortcuts to reach her destination, opening herself up to unimaginable pain and suffering in the process. Not only do the messy trials she endures test her faith, Kiawana’s stretched beyond saving herself.

Will tribulation help Kiawana realize she can’t rely on her own strength and power but that of the Lord, or will she give up before she learns the most important lessons of all? The beginning may be marred by adversity, but it never has to be the end!

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