Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows


About the Book

Obedience to the call of God doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles along the way.

In Living Life After the Fires of my Sorrows, author Reba Harris chronicles her harrowing journey from childhood trauma to success! In over sixty years, Reba has navigated through poverty, her mother’s heartbreaking betrayal, being victimized by injustice and racism, a strained marriage, and overcoming addiction.  With little education, minimal direction and no idea what to do with it, Reba attached her faith to the word she received from God and started a recovery home ministry for women. And just like Nehemiah in the Bible (whom she likens herself to), Reba has remained courageous and steadfast through the many oppositions she faced as she strives to complete the will of God.

Through Living Life After the Fires, Reba deftly transforms her personal testimony into a throng of inspiration that will uplift, motivate and challenge readers to live outside the borders of trauma and believe that they can win!


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